Two Weeks of Classical Algebraic Geometry, May 16-25

Meeting Room "U. Richard", floor 3, Archimedes Tower, via Trieste 63

Monday, May 16

10:30-11:15   K. Konno Regular canonical surfaces of degree 3n-3 in Pn, I
11:30-12:15 V. Kulikov    On the number of irreducible components of Hurwitz spaces of marked coverings of P1
17:00-18:00 Round table on Surfaces

Tuesday, May 17

10:30-11:15   D. Paccagnan   On the maximum number of cusps on plane curves
11:30-12:15 A. Calabri    Branch curves for double planes of general type with pg = 0
17:00-18:00 Round table on Curves

Wednesday, May 18

10:30-11:15   E. Stagnaro    Example of normal canonical hypersurfaces
11:30-12:15 M.C. Ronconi    Regular threefolds of general type with pg = 0 and large bigenus


Monday, May 23

10:30-11:15   K. Konno    Regular canonical surfaces of degree 3n-3 in Pn, II
11:30-12:15 V. Kulikov    On classical Plücker's formulæ

Tuesday, May 24

10:30-11:15   A. Calabri    Examples of threefolds with Kodaira dimension 1 and 2
11:30-12:15 E. Stagnaro    Collecting examples of algebraic threefolds

Wednesday, May 25

10:30-12:00   Open problem session   

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Organized by:
Ezio Stagnaro

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