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Supported Boards

    A complete list of supported boards is available in the Ethernet HOWTOs posted monthly to comp.os.linux.announce by Paul Gortmaker.gif

Here's a list of the more widely-known boards supported by . The actual list in the HOWTO is about three times longer. However, even if you find your board in this list, check the HOWTO first; there are sometimes important details about operating these cards. A case in point is the case of some DMA-based Ethernet boards that use the same DMA channel as the Adaptec 1542 SCSI controller by default. Unless you move either of them to a different DMA channel, you will wind up with the Ethernet board writing packet data to arbitrary locations on your hard disk.

To use one of these cards with , you may use a precompiled kernel from one of the major distributions. These generally have drivers for all of them built in. In the long term, however, it's better to roll your own kernel and compile in only those drivers you actually need.

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